Saturday 20 June 2015

Portraits of Justice #8: Rachel {County Waterford, Southern Ireland}

This week I introduce Part II of a Portrait of Justice featuring IrelandRachel is a Masters student from the sunny Southern part of Ireland, and is engaged in interfaith/interdenominational dialogue in her home community. Her experience of conflict in Ireland is drastically different than what was shared in Part I  of a Portrait of Justice in Ireland


For me justice is very equality based. When I study every thing is the same, everybody is treated the same, there is not much of a difference between a man and a woman. I could do the exact same job as a man even though I am a woman. That's what justice is for me anyway.  

Something beautiful for me is becoming a part of SCM (Student Christian Movement) Ireland. Something that I have witnessed, that I have never witnessed before, is that we have so many people coming from different Christian traditions. To be able to come together and dialogue is an amazing thing, especially because of the troubles up North.

Down where I am from we don't judge based on our religion. Everybody is the same. I don't say 'oh, I'm Rachel, I'm a Catholic!' And my friend wouldn't say, 'oh, I'm Victoria, and I'm a Protestant!” We're just friends and we get on. Where as on the other side, where Johnston is from, there was no friendship basis there at all. So that is something beautiful you would see – that something so bad could happen up in one end of the country, but something so amazing down at the other end.


Say something about this portrait and story, or about this project! I look forward to it!

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