Sunday 7 June 2015

Portraits of Justice #6: Louis {Chicago, United States of America}

As a part of my Beautiful People Moments project, I've launched this album entitled "Portraits of Justice", looking at justice around the world.

 Today I gladly introduce this week's Portrait of Justice as a dear and hard working colleague of mine, Louis of {Chicago, USA}. Both pastor, student, and advocate, Louis shares a perspective on theological justice that comes from urban grassroots experiences, including racial violence, police violence, and food injustice. His prophetic voice of hope opens windows to us all. This is his voice: 

"Justice is a place where the police serve and protect, rather than fight and neglect. Our food justice is seen within the community in the forms of community gardens, supplemental nutrition assistance programs, and providing hot meals to senior citizens without access to nutrition."

 "We believe that Christ’s church is for all people, and it is not our job to sort, divide, categorize or exclude. But as “saints and sinners,” we know and experience God’s work of healing and restoring as well as the persistent human pain and injustices of racism in the world."

"This is where God has put us, in the thick of life, insisting on justice and upholding human dignity for the inclusion of all people in the life of the church and society. "

"We are called to be a church that embraces each person and confronts racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, age, gender, familial, sexual orientation, physical, personal and class barriers that often manifest themselves in unjust treatment, inequalities, exclusion and violence."

Tell me about something beautiful you've witnessed

"One of my most recent projects through the Kenosha Community Health Center was an event called the Convoy of Hope. It was a beautiful experience of justice  The Kenosha Convoy of Hope Outreach is a collaborative effort involving dozens of local churches, social service organizations, businesses, and Convoy of Hope, Inc. An outreach of this scope in our community provides thousands of people with a message of hope through groceries, health screenings, job fairs, family portraits, haircuts, prayer, and games and activities for children. All goods and services were absolutely free of charge."

"This all-volunteer event mobilizes hundreds of area residents to serve and make a difference in their community. Strong participation by local businesses, churches, community agencies and individuals is crucial to the success of this event. Through this collaborative effort, we can do together what no one could do alone."

"Our goal was that every guest be valued, respected, and treated as a Guest of Honor. We must unconditionally love, accept, and serve each guest without regard for age, race, physical appearance, or spiritual condition."

 - Louis {Chicago, USA}


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