Sunday 20 March 2016

Portraits of Justice #24: Patrick {Nairobi, Kenya}

For Portraits of Justice #24, we return to Africa and hear from Patrick {Nairobi, Kenya}. I met Patrick and his team, the Nafsi Acrobats, last summer in the Italian Alps where they were running their yearly workshop at the Agape Ecumenical Centre in Prali. They tour yearly.

As an acrobat and peacebuilder Patrick, along with Bruce, Sammy, and Kenneth, use their crazy creative work to combat tribal racism in the face of many broken relationships in Kenya. They also do amazing work with kids, creating alternatives to drug and gang culture. That they maintain their friendships and hope in the face of incredible divisions and adversity is inspiring to me. These folks create beautiful people moments everyday. 
Context: As a democratic state, Kenya's elections continue to be held in swells of conflict, impacting economy, stability, poverty, and quality of life. Corruption seems repetitive and inevitable. Every round of elections has brought about high ethnic tensions between different tribal identities, dividing society and at times bringing about great violence. The 2007 elections left 600,000 people displaced. This makes the peacebuilding work of the Nafsi Acrobats particularity critical, as Patrick and his team are all from different tribes, bringing hope for a different kind of future as they work across divides. 

"In Kenya no one can predict the work of justice. Sometimes (people) are honestly and truly working in trusted way, but justice is one of the major corrupted zone in Kenya."
"As for Christians, they always work as they know their role. It's difficult to lead the church without justice. Now a days most of the church almost everywhere have just jumped in to deep ditch where by they can't come out again, since corruption knocked their doors." 
Kenya is located on the east coast of the African continent.
It boarders Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Sudan
"It is difficult to relay your cases (of injustice) in church because they don't do what is right sometimes, And that's made people loose the trust on church. Thought, not all churches."

"In Kenya, with no justice, means no peace. Maybe in the next generations, we will find the truth and justice."
Interested in following the work of Patrick and the Nafsi Acrobats? Find them on Facebook HERE!

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